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Mobile Application Development

Today's mobile suppliers need to get their products to market fast, maintaining accurate inventory levels throughout the supply chain, while lowering cost. The global supply chain's increasing complexity makes optimization a moving target.

We help our clients build solutions that renders and enable filling-up forms on mobile/tablets, store form data locally, take pictures, record audio notes, capture location, generate PDFs, and many other tasks that enables a smarter way to capture data on the field.

At Prosoft Advisory, optimization is achieved through the coordinated collaboration of planners, transportation and warehouse managers, industrial engineers, software engineers and finance teams. That's our special sauce – multidisciplinary expertise under one roof, creating customized supply-chain solutions. The result is an optimal mix of products where you need them, when you need them.

Recover Maximum Value from Returned and Repurposed Product (Money back in your pocket)

In the mobile industry, carriers demand the ability to track a device in real-time at every point in the supply chain for fast activation as soon as the device is ready for the end-user. Leveraging a suite of reports and data feeds for viewing the product at every stage will allow you to quickly avert potential disruptions, whether the product is in storage or transport.

Supply-chain optimization

The second half of the supply-chain optimization puzzle is product returns. Prosoft Advisory provides comprehensive reverse logistics support. Our services maximize your profitability by:

Device Services

Prosoft Advisory’s portfolio of device lifecycle services is designed to provide manufacturers, carriers and retailers with: