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Prosoft Advisory, media professionals across key workloads critical to their business: from content ingestion into the cloud, graphics rendering, media archival & disaster recovery, to video transcoding and distribution for live streaming. Prosoft Advisory Cloud solutions lets you focus on creativity, backed by the same infrastructure relied on by their own services.

In today’s competitively digitized world, leading Media organizations realize how decisive effective data management and advanced analytics are for their industry. They are always looking out for means to efficiently exploit the subtle and critical opportunities in this ever-growing union of Big Data and Technology, which once transformed into actionable insights, can empower every resource within their organization to make smarter, faster and even more accurate decisions.

Over the past few years, advancement in device and network technologies has ushered in demand for rich media and high definition content. Content and Solution providers see this as a major opportunity to monetize varied types of content through number of different end user devices. Different business models to handle free content and exclusive content are emerging along with technologies to create, manage and deliver such content.

Content and Delivery solutions are also becoming increasingly intelligent and able to understand customer preferences, perform high amount of analytics and thereby customize user experiences.

Prosoft Advisory offers clients solutions ranging:
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