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When utilities know more about their data, they can do more…

Turn data into knowledge to transform performance, reliability & customer satisfaction.

The energy & utilities industry is at a point where they are looking at various means to exploit communications technology, Information Technology, operational technology, energy technology and consumer technology, to improve system use and resilience while empowering consumers and addressing environmental concerns.

With technology being a key driver, challenges regarding speed, quality and cost of software development, associated Quality Assurance (QA) and testing that results in quantifiable improvements, take unprecedented importance for this industry. Prosoft Advisory has a successful track record of partnering with many energy & utilities clients. Our in-house team has developed software quality strategies and delivered software business analysis programs for multiple energy & utilities projects. Our work ensures that any roll out of new IT infrastructure, application or large-scale projects is robust enough to handle market complexity and continuous regulatory change.

Industry Benefits:

  • Runs on the web-enabled, multi-lingual and highly configurable Back Office Data management Platform
  • Increases field user efficiency by providing an automated, repeatable, user-friendly process for changes to data
  • Governs the entry, review and approval of mass changes within your ERP system
  • Improves productivity by eliminating manual processes associated with data validation

Backed by decades of innovation in infrastructure technology and a customer roster of leading utilities, Prosoft Advisory offers a unique, event-driven approach to solving the challenges of the 21st century utility.

Continuing pressure from policymakers and consumers on energy utilities to address energy sustainability concerns has resulted in an increased focus on technology. Prosoft Advisory understands the energy industry’s priorities in managing risks and regulatory compliance.

Our experience in supporting systems for the industry includes leading ERP systems, embedded systems, consolidation/integration, and upgrade/replacement, combined with new mobile access initiatives. Prosoft Advisory specialists have made software development solutions and tested a variety of energy industry software systems.