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Business analysis is “a research discipline of identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems.” Given this, it’s easy to see how the business analyst role contributes to either making or breaking the success of a project. Historically, many believed this was only a small portion of the project management role, and should easily be absorbed, leaving a single individual to take on the tasks of multiple responsibilities. But as the field of business analysis continues to evolve, the identification of its impact on product development is undeniable.

One of the key aspects for the success of any organization is its ability to modulate its approach per the changing market pattern. Analyzing business from varied viewpoints becomes crucial in order to make a mark in the industry. Business analysis facilitates in the transition of customer requirements into new products and services.

As we operate with the motto of providing superior customer experience, Prosoft Advisory has developed exceptional experience in gathering customers’ requirements from varied operations perspectives. The team of highly qualified and experienced business analysts has been assisting companies with great insights to their business and highlighting the road uncovered, which would, eventually lead to exceeding customer expectations and growth of the organization. The models we use and the way we apply them gives us a framework to document business needs and derive meaningful requirements.

Our consulting team members are hand-picked and trained to become business analysis experts. We embed our staff on your project as an integrated member of your core project team. While we have SMEs in the banking, medical, technological industries, too much domain expertise from external resources tend to create ‘blinders’ and make solutioning formulaic. So our core focus always comes back to business analysis and requirements management. Prosoft Advisory also uses a leveraged staffing model during project execution to complete deliverables faster. The end-result is project support that provides a clear foundation for the software development lifecycle, delivered with higher quality, in a shorter time that addresses primary business needs than any temporary staff augmentation program.

Prosoft Advisory has a dedicated team of business analysts who work on providing customer experience management solutions tailored to the clients’ needs with an objective to help businesses implement technology solutions in a cost effective way. The analysts gather document business requirements and translate them into functional specifications to be implemented by the IT teams.

Prosoft Advisory is a leading service provider to well established and reputed Customer Experience Management companies. It provides complete turnkey solutions while working on existing SaaS based solutions. Our business analysts’ study the business and information needs of the customers to conceptualize as well as develop appropriate strategies and solutions. They identify, analyze, and design processes based on the customers’ requirements and plan the overall flow of information for the desired results. This also involves customization of the existing software to match the specific prerequisites.

Prosoft Advisory’s business analysis service includes:

  • Requirement gathering and analysis
  • Translating and simplifying requirements
  • Developing Customized solution
  • Web and SMS based survey integration
  • Data collection and integration
  • Product and services review
  • Reputation management
  • Product launch and review collections
  • Consolidating reviews and preparing reports

Benefits with Prosoft Advisory Business Analysis services:

  • Well Defined processes and methodologies
  • Focused insights to customers’ needs
  • Quick turnaround with proposed solutions
  • Team of qualified s/w engineers
  • Ability to build customized solution with consistency and quality output
  • In depth knowledge about the specific customer experience parameters