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Our highly practical workbook is full of advice about big data that’ll help you keep your project on track. From setting clear goals to strategic resourcing and ideal big data architectures, we’ve covered everything you need to know about big data.

We are a passionate group focus on agile software R&D. We strive to provide the best solution all times. Our experienced architects and engineers will design and propose the most efficient and effective technology stack to build the software systems. We evaluate technologies with our in-house professional technology decision analysis registry.

We go beyond standard investigative methods and procedures with state of the art technologies to ensure accurate reporting, lower costs, and sidestep unnecessary invasive testing methods. We believe successful design solutions are the result of a comprehensive program that addresses conflicting elements of aesthetics, cost, durability and environmental responsibility.

When your facility becomes inadequate and no longer suits your needs, experience has taught us that this is the ideal time to take a fresh look at the situation and challenge all of the assumptions. Our planning services begin with the recognition that the obvious solution may not be the best solution.We help our clients evaluate the current use of their site and space.

Our professionals will conduct a thorough interview of your key leaders for their opinions and insights. We will consider the demographics, site related information, future programming needs and other issues, before making our recommendations on how to optimize the use of available land or buildings. The proposed solution is often a paradigm shift.

New building or repurposing

It may be that a new building or repurposing your existing buildings solves the problem. Or, it may be that relocation makes better use of your resources. Without this examination and planning strategy, it is not possible to do the best job of addressing your needs.

Our approach is multifaceted

Our approach is multifaceted, looking at your team, technology, departments, and processes to assess how we can help you better achieve your goals, and even set some new ones. It doesn’t end there, through Prosoft Advisory helpdesk and by subscribing to Autodesk you gain powerful advantages including Autodesk, access to the latest software releases, and help when you need it, over the phone, via email, or online. The latest solutions and support, when you need them.

Purest form, design is a process

In its purest form, design is a process of problem solving. Recognition of this perspective is reflected in our portfolio of design solutions. While our years of traditional architectural design experience include residential, commercial and institutional projects, we tend to focus on unusually challenging building types. We can help each step of the way to ensure your projects are completed timely, safely and with the greatest impact on your revenue. Knowing the design and construction industry inside and out is great for your business, but understanding the ins and outs of the software need behind it can be even better.